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Press Release No 11 – July 2010: Surface Dressing – warning on late season works

The Road Emulsion Association strongly believes that practical experience over many years confirms that late season work can be a big  contribution towards failure of a surface dressing system.

To back this up the Road Surface Treatments Association surface dressing surveys show that the majority of dressing failures result from very late season application. This is particularly so in locations when early frosts occurred combined with severe winters. The dressing failure is primarily due to the lack of chipping embedment into the binder film & road surface.

Road Note 39 describes these risks and also recommends increasing binder application rates by 10% for work in some parts of the country in order to minimise the risks.

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27th April 2018

Are Your Roads Bonded?

Following the successful REAL Bond Coat Video launched in 2017 an additional supporting note has been published identifying the performance benefits of using Bond Coats to bind the road layers together. A winter of high rainfall and cold temperatures has resulted in further deterioration to our roads and more pot holes having to be filled. The correct use of bond coat will help reduce this problem and extend the structural life of the road. See the “Publications” page.

7th December 2017

RSTA SHE Seminar Presentation – 22nd November 2017

The presentation of the REA/RSTA new Code of Practice for the Safe Transfer of Emulsion Product from a Delivery Tanker to a Road Sprayer was given by Kevin Maw, Consultant & Secretary of the REA on the 22nd November a copy of the presentation is attached.Safe Delivery Tanker to Sprayer presentation

7th November 2017

RSTA SHE Seminar – 22nd November 2017

Kevin Maw the Consultant and Secretary to the Road Emulsion Association will be presenting the new joint RSTA/REA, Best Practice Guidance, Code of Practice at the RSTA SHE Seminar on the 22nd November 2017.

24th May 2017

Bond Coat Video

The new REA bond coat video is now available to view on the video page of the REA website. The video will be shared with other key organisations and businesses to help promote the benefits of using this key component in the construction and maintenance the highway network across the UK.

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