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Technical Datasheets

The Road Emulsion Association Technical Datasheets

The Association’s standing Technical Committee draws up (and periodically updates) a series of Technical Data Sheets that are designed to provide users of bitumen emulsions with information to best understand and safely use those emulsions across a broad spectrum of processes and environments where they enhance waterproof road structures. The most recent updated sheets were published in March 2015.

To access any of the most recently published sheet please click on its title below. These datasheets will then open as PDF files in a new window or tab.

  1. Bitumen Road Emulsion
  2. Recommendations for Safe Handling & Storage of Bitumen Emulsions
  3. Recommendations for the Cleaning & Maintenance of Spraying Machines
  4. Surface Dressing with Bitumen Emulsions
  5. Bond Coating
  6. Sealing and Curing of Pavement Layers in Road Construction
  7. Footway Construction & Maintenance using Bitumen Emulsions
  8. Patching.Grouting & Velocity Patching
  9. Slurry & Micro Surfacing
  10. Retread Process
  11. Bitumen Emulsions for Storage Grade Macadams
  12. Miscellaneous Uses of Bitumen Road Emulsions

Latest News:

7th December 2017

RSTA SHE Seminar Presentation – 22nd November 2017

The presentation of the REA/RSTA new Code of Practice for the Safe Transfer of Emulsion Product from a Delivery Tanker to a Road Sprayer was given by Kevin Maw, Consultant & Secretary of the REA on the 22nd November a copy of the presentation is attached.Safe Delivery Tanker to Sprayer presentation

7th November 2017

RSTA SHE Seminar – 22nd November 2017

Kevin Maw, Consultant & Secretary for the Road Emulsion Association will be presenting on the subject of New Industry Guidance on Emulsion deliveries. The presentation will focus on the new joint REAL and RSTA Code of Practice for The Safe Transfer of Emulsion Product from a Delivery Tanker to a Road Sprayer.

24th May 2017

Bond Coat Video

The new REA bond coat video is now available to view on the video page of the REA website. The video will be shared with other key organisations and businesses to help promote the benefits of using this key component in the construction and maintenance the highway network across the UK.

4th April 2017

New REAL Website Launched

The Road Emulsion Association Ltd has engaged with Ace Computer Support Ltd for the development of a new REA website. The website was launched on the 4th April 2017 and the REA would welcome feedback from visitors to the site.

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