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The Road Emulsion Association (REA) is a UK trade association representing manufacturing businesses that supply a wide range of bitumen emulsion products used in the highways, airfield and construction sectors.

We aim to provide a good member intelligence network to understand what issues are on the agendas of policy-makers and businesses as well as those issues that are important in central and local government policy making. We attempt to identify the effects of policy measures on our sectors and contribute to government consultations.

This Association has an extensive knowledge of our industry and we believe trade associations can form effective partnerships with governmental and academic bodies to bridge mutual gaps in understanding.

Our representations to the government on policy matters are backed up with the best-available evidence gathered from our members to help with the assessments and practicalities of the costs and benefits of policy proposals.

As a result we frequently work with other Trade Associations to establish excellent lines of communication with specifiers, standards bodies and government.

This association was formed in December 1928 and in 1947 was re-titled the Road Emulsion Association Limited.

We promote the interests of members, who manufacture, supply and distribute Bituminous Emulsion materials. Currently six member companies represent all the major UK producers and suppliers of these highly technical materials. We also have three associate members which are organisations supplying specialist materials to member companies.

The Association is managed by the Council made up of senior individuals from member companies. This group meets formally each quarter.

Reporting to the Association’s Council is a highly experienced Technical Committee that comprises senior technical staff from constituent member firms. This Committee also meets quarterly, disseminating and considering technical issues, standards and enquires.  Some senior technical committee members represent the UK industry on British Standard and government committees as well as on European committees.

The Association’s primary objectives include the provision and use of high quality materials and as a result ALL member Companies are Quality Assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008.

The Association also is a member of a number of national and international bodies including the UK based Trade Association Forum and the International Bitumen Emulsion Federation.

Latest News:

8th March 2022

New REAL Chairperson

The Road Emulsion Association Limited (REAL) is pleased to announce the appointment of Paul Goosey as the new Chairperson of the Association for the next two years following the Ninety-Third Annual General Meeting held on Wednesday 2nd March 2022. Paul has held a number senior positions in his career with Eurovia and is currently Managing Director of their businesses, covering specialist treatments, surfacing, asphalt and materials production, research and development, and asset management solutions. Eurovia joined the REAL as a producer of bitumen emulsions following the significant investment in their new polymer bitumen and bitumen emulsion manufacturing facility ‘PolyBitumens’ located on the North Bank of the river Thames near London. The Vice-Chair will be Sommerville Wright who is an Associate Director of Colas Limited.

7th June 2021

REA and RTSA joint campaign to highlighting the importance of Bond Coats

The Road Emulsion Association (REA) and the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) have jointly launched a campaign to highlight the importance of the application of Bond Coats in road construction and maintenance. The joint campaign aims to provide information to all clients, highway contractors, and road users, of the benefits of Bond Coats and involves the publication of a new article titled “The Importance of Interlayer Bonding in Pavement Construction” Read the article here.

The article will shortly be published in a number of key industry journals and the campaign was recently launched with a Webinar hosted by the IAT. There are plans for a second webinar later in the year. The Bond Coat Video has also been relaunched as part of the campaign and is available to be viewed via the REA members websites and the REA website (watch the video here) and the REA Linkedin site.

26th May 2021


With our collective duty to ensure sustainable and environmentally responsible solutions, it is more important than ever that the road construction industry strives to get things right first time and build structures to last. That implies new structures, as well as maintenance interventions, must be effectively designed and the installation must truly reflect that design.

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21st December 2020

New Associate Member – REA

The Road Emulsion Association is pleased to announce that following a recent application from CORE Additive Technologies to join the REA as an Associate Member, the Council of the REA has approved the application , and CORE Additive Technologies have joined the Association with immediate effect. The representative of the new Associate Member will be David Needham and he will be joining the REA Technical Committee at future meetings. The REA welcomes David’s contribution to the important activities of the Technical Committee.

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