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We welcome Kraton Polymers

14th September 2011

We welcome Kraton Polymers as new Associate Members of REA –  Kraton is a leading global producer and supplies styrene butadiene styrene (SBS) polymers for modification of bitumen to produce modified bitumen emulsions for both paving and construction purposes. David Bell represents Kraton at the REA. (for contact details please click on the “Membership” page on this website).

Unhappy with the state of their local highways network

12th September 2011

More than three-quarters of councillors quizzed in a road condition survey are unhappy with the state of their local highways network.

Research by the Asphalt Industry Alliance also revealed that over half of councillors said the £200m injection of emergency funding from central government earlier this year was not enough to cover all the winter damage to roads.

44% of those polled called for increased funding from government to help maintain local roads, whilst a third, recognising that this is unlikely, said alternative means of funding should be made available.

And 78% said they were not satisfied with the condition of their local road network and 90% said road condition remained an issue in their area following the severe winter weather.

Website of the Year

8th July 2011

The Road Emulsion Association is delighted that our entry in the Trade Association Forum’s “Website of the Year” competition won the “Highly Commended” prize at the national “2011 Best Practice Awards” dinner in London last night.

Shortlisted for a national competition

20th May 2011

We are very pleased to confirm that our website has been shortlisted for a national competition. 

The Road Emulsion Association is a member of the Trade Association Forum that links over 300 trade associations across the UK. The Forum runs annual “Best Practice Awards” and have just announced that REA has been shortlisted with 3 other trade associations for one of the 2011 Awards Website of the Year”.

The winners will be announced at an Award Ceremony in London on Thursday 7 July 2011.

More than 23 million Britons say they want councils to repair roads as their first priority

28th April 2011

Highways Magazine today confirms that  more than 23 million Britons say they want councils to repair roads as their first priority.

The findings come from new research commissioned by support services specialist May Gurney into the facilities people feel most need improving in their communities.

Local roads topped the poll, with almost half (49%) of people feeling this should be the focus for councils, with cleaner and tidier streets (29%) and improved public transport (25%) also scoring highly among British residents.

Philip Fellowes-Prynne CEO at May Gurney said:  “Local authorities have been under a lot of pressure this year from a combination of Government spending cuts and the need to maintain services in the face of increasing demand.

“Councils are having to find spending cuts of 27% over the next four years as well as contend with extraordinary expenditure, such as repairs to roads damaged by the severe weather conditions that hit regions across the UK in January.

“While the Government’s announcement of an additional £200 million in funding for pothole repairs is good news, it is clearly something that the public feel is a priority.”

Code of Good Practice for the use & safety of Mobile Storage Tanks

4th April 2011

The Road Emulsion Association has updated its “Code of Good Practice for the use & safety of Mobile Storage Tanks” (with input from the Environment Agency & the Health & Safety Executive) in readiness for the 2011 surfacing season.

Mobile Storage Tanks are used are transported to construction sites throughout the UK where road surfacing work is undertaken.  After the Tanks are installed they are periodically filled with bitumen emulsion binder, which is drawn off for use in local highway construction and maintenance contracts.REA first developed the Code of Good Practice in the mid 1990s to aid the safe operation of; and safety of members of the public; highway authorities and contractors, when in close proximity to Mobile Storage Tanks.

A copy of the latest 2011 version of the Code is available as a PDF file on the “Publications” page of this website.

Worldwide Bitumen Emulsion Production Statistics 2006-2009

10th October 2010

John Keayes, the Road Emulsion Association’s Consultant & Secretary presented a paper on “Worldwide Bitumen Emulsion Production Statistics 2006-2009” at the International Bitumen Emulsion Association’s “World of Emulsions Congress, Emulsion Producers Day” in Lyon to an international audience of over 250 experts

Press Release No 12 – October 2010: 2010 World of Emulsions Congress meeting in Lyon

1st October 2010

The Road Emulsion Association is a founder member of the International Bitumen Emulsion Federation (IBEF) and supported the one-day IBEF seminar for Bitumen Emulsion Producers in Lyon on 11 October 2010. This conference was as a prelude to the 5th World Emulsions Congress in Lyon held on 12-14 October 2010..

Over 250 people from more than 50 countries participated in the Bitumen Emulsion Producers day that was Chaired by Manuel Batista the European Director of Route One Publishing Ltd from the UK. The conference was designed to exchange information related to the growth of road emulsion use, standardisation, education & training, safety and the developments of bitumen emulsion applications. Delegates were welcomed by Etienne Lebouteiller, the conference organiser from IBEF and Colas in France.

John Keayes the Secretary & Consultant from the UK based Road Emulsion Association gave the first presentation on IBEF’s international survey on worldwide bitumen emulsion market changes and trends between 2006 & 2009.

Next, Nasreen Tasker, representing Argus Media Inc from the USA, presented a paper giving her view of the future of bitumen across the globe.

There followed a presentation by Christian Depreeuw from APAG the European Oleochemicals & Allied Products Group who then outlined: the future of emulsifiers.

Next the delegates heard from Mark McCollough who represented the USA based Asphalt Emulsion Manufacturers Association.(AEMA) He outlined the vital education & training efforts that were in place through AEMA and other major emulsion producing countries.

The morning was wrapped up by Bernard Eckmann representing the French   (SFERB) who detailed the changes in specification standards over the last 4 years.

Azeem Remtulla, representing the AAPA, the Australian Asphalt Pavement Association, gave a paper on the importance of Sustainable Development within the industry.

Maria del mar Colas Victoria from the Spanish Bitumen Emulsion Association (ATEB) gave the conference an update on the moves towards emulsion based asphalt mixes for roads.

Jorge Gardenas, President of AMAAC, the Mexican Emulsion Manufacturers Association, presented a broad view of the most promising marketing techniques used around the world.

A South African bitumen association (SABITA) paper was then presented by Korbus Louw on the subject of the use of emulsions is different & specifically African markets.

The day was concluded with an interesting presentation by Siobhan Mckelvey from Nynas in the UK about novel marketing initiatives using business & social networking techniques. The President of IBEF, Jean-Claude Roffe then wrapped up an excellent day with a review of the conference.

Cash prizes in 2010/11

29th June 2010

The Road Emulsion Association is offering cash prizes in 2010/11 to university final-year undergraduate or post graduate students who are to provide a short paper designed to develop better technical understanding of bitumen emulsions and to raise awareness of the work of the bitumen emulsion supplier in the UK.

The Association sponsors the awards and will welcome interest from any student in a UK civil or pavement engineering, or construction based university department.

Annual General Meeting

24th March 2010

At the Association’s Annual General Meeting held today Stewart Struthers from Colas Ltd stood down after chairing the REA for the last two years.

Tony Hipperson from Ayton Products was elected Chairman and Steve Waller from Nynas AB Vice Chairman for 2010 to 2012.

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